• Here at Birmingham City Schools, we are excited to be able to offer the newest educational approach to preparing you for careers in growth industries — the 亚洲自慰 Academies. The Academies of Birmingham are small learning communities that allow students to engage in areas where they have a career interest. Academies work by teaching students what they need to know in class and providing hands-on experiences in real-world settings, so that students can see how what they are learning in school will actually get used in their chosen career. After graduation, students are prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to successfully enter the workforce and college.

    Academies like the ones we have at 亚洲自慰 have already proven to help thousands of students connect to a career path and successfully pursue it. There are almost 200 academies in 40 states. In the academies, you will be exposed to how your academic courses link to your career interest and how it is actually applied in the field. From guest speakers who are actively working in industry, to field-based experiences, job-shadowing and internships, you will be exposed to the true nature of your career.

    We currently have 10 academies being offered in seven different schools. Have a look below at the academies we offer in Birmingham, and see which one best fits your interests! Once your application is reviewed, you will be notified regarding the next steps.

    Thank you for expressing your interest in the Academies of Birmingham.

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