• Welcome to the Social Science Department!
    Social Studies Children

    The mission of the Social Science Department is to foster the development of responsible citizenship in each student.  The staff believes that responsible citizenship can be achieved through an educational process that provides students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to make informed choices and become active citizens. 

    • The role of the social science teacher is to provide a classroom laboratory that allows students to explore the four strands of economics, geography, history and political science, and to relate this knowledge to the responsibilities of citizenship in today's society. 

    • Education in a multicultural society should provide opportunities for students to discover and develop respect for different viewpoints.  Students have the opportunity to appreciate differences and similarities among citizens of the United States and how individuals are bound together in unity as a free people.  Students explore the unique American cultural identity and unity that are based on ideas such as freedom, inalienable rights, equality of opportunity and individualism.

    • Instructional strategies in the social science classrooms include: student engagement with "hands-on-active learning" activities, reading comprehension skills, Pre-AP strategies and differentiated instruction for multiple intelligences and learning levels.

    • Students actively apply the knowledge and critical thinking skills gained in the study of social science standards through projects, research, writing, classroom involvement, academic competitions, community based programs and service learning and through the use of 21st century technology. 
    • Using historical thinking skills students develop skills in: chronological thinking, historical comprehension, historical analysis and interpretation, historical research capabilities and historical issues analysis and decision-making. 


    "Educating for Social Responsibility"