About 亚洲自慰

  • The Birmingham City School District is located in the heart of the Birmingham/Metropolitan area in the center of a large, diverse and culturally mixed community filled with a long rich history.  In the business of educating children since 1874, our system is comprised of 43 schools that service the 99 neighborhoods located within the city where the education of over 23,000 students is our top priority. 

    With the mission to guide all students to achieve excellence in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, the Birmingham City School System is the 5th largest school system in Alabama and is governed by an elected board of nine members, representing the nine districts within the city.  Birmingham City Schools employs over 2,700 certified and classified workers; and operates on an annual budget of approximately $302 million dollars.

    Birmingham City Schools offers a standards-based aligned curriculum to ensure that each student is academically challenged and performs beyond their potential in an environment student success is the ultimate goal.  Within this framework, Birmingham City Schools offers a broad range of curriculum from early childhood to college and career ready programs.  Instructional Priorities our outlined in the Strategic Plan

    It is an exciting time for Birmingham City Schools as we begin to implement strategies to increase student achievement and success.  The Four Strategic Pillars implemented Fall of 2018 is comprised of Student Success, Team Excellence, Stakeholder Trust, and Systems and Planning.  (elaborate)

    Birmingham City Schools is one of only 4 systems statewide to offer International Baccalaureate programming from K-12. Phillips Academy, Brown Elementary and Ramsay High School have all received International Baccalaureate designation. Phillips K-8 Academy and Brown Elementary have both been granted Primary Years designation, with Phillips receiving Middle Years Program designation, as well.   Ramsay has received IB Diploma Program status; and saw its first IB cohort graduating in 2015.

    Birmingham City Schools continues to grow with additions following the completion of Hudson K-8 in August 2009.  We are ecstatic that we have been able to accomplish so much more.  The new Washington K-8 School and Green Acres Middle School projects were completed in 2010.  It is always exciting to offer students the opportunity to learn in a safe and nurturing environment as the students of several schools started classes in brand new buildings.  The construction of Huffman High School, Whatley K-8/Gibson Elementary School and Tuggle/Hill and Brown Elementary School, and Oxmoor Valley have all been completed and students are thriving in their new state of the art schools.

    Students in our five designated specialty schools, Princeton Elementary, E.P.I.C. Elementary, W. J. Christian K-8, Phillips K-8 Academy and Ramsay High School continue to excel at high levels and the schools have garnered well-deserved reputations for high levels of student achievement. 

    Birmingham City Schools has eleven Career Academies across the system’s seven high Schools.  Academies include: (1) Academy of Business and Finance: (1) Urban Educators; (3) Health Sciences; (1) Architecture and construction; (1) Hospitality and Tourism; (2) Academy of Engineering; (1) Visual Communications; and, (1) Information Technology, and (1) Academy of Visual Communications.  These academies are exposing our students to college and careers options and guiding the pathways to reach their potential.

    亚洲自慰 proudly proclaims that each one of our 47 Pre-K classes has received 100% 1st class designation.  The 100 % designation is synonymous with quality, and means that each of our Pre-K classrooms has met every quality standard as established by the National Institute for Early Education Research such as comprehensive early learning standards, Bachelor’s Degree level teachers with specialized early childhood training, substantial professional development for teachers, maximum class size of 20 or fewer, and a 1:10 staff to child ration.



    Dedication runs strong throughout the Birmingham City School District.  With the help from community stakeholder, our teachers and staff, we will propel our system and our students into greatness. Our goal is to be recognized globally and we are working furiously toward realizing our vision of becoming the best urban district in the United States.